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General Info

All the creations from Pawsterity Urns are entirely custom.  I never use molds or pre-maid elements to make my creations.  The process to create these pieces is organic and because each is handmade, the end result will always be a little different from the plan.  This is part of the joy of having a piece hand made for you by an artist.  Having said that, I make every effort to deliver a creation that you will love, based on our plan.


Custom Orders - Urns and Keepsakes with a Sculpture Capturing the Likeness of you Pet 

Urns and keepsakes made of a jar type base and a sculpture capturing the look and personality of your pet (like many of the examples in the gallery) have a base price of $195 (plus shipping).


Some designs require more time (due to more customization), the addition of more pets or varying design materials and elements.  These are the factors that increase the cost from the base price.

For example, a two dog jar would start at $325(plus shipping)

Every piece is totally custom, so once we have settled on a design, I will provide you with a firm price. 


Personalized Orders- Urns and Keepsakes without a Sculpture

Orders for jars which are hand thrown and decorated individually, but do not include a sculpture of a pet, start at $85 (plus shipping). Personalization including the pet's name and other elements typically increase the price from $10- $30.  The typical price range is $85- 125.



Sculpture/ Ornaments/ Figurines

Holiday ornament sculptures can be made of either ceramic (requiring kiln firing) or an airdry clay (don't require firing)- These range from $100-$150 for a 3-4" sculpture.  Airdry sculpture is quicker to complete.... usually done in 3 weeks.

Other Sculptures and Figurines

Pricing for sculptures and figurines depend completely on the size, complexity and material.  

These need to be priced based on your custom order, however, to provide an idea of pricing, a ceramic sculpture of around 4-6" would start at $250 / larger sculptures would be priced starting at around $300 (plus shipping)- Please contact me if you are interested and we can discuss your ideas and pricing.


I typically ship using Fed Ex Ground/USPS/Canada Post which is the most reliable and least expensive method.  Your shipping costs will be the actual cost to ship to your location (plus a small materials fee if packaging is more than usual).  I can provide you with a cost estimate for shipping once we have finalized the order plan.


Payment is usually made once the piece has been delivered to you safe and sound.  This has worked for me so far, and I'm hoping that this practice can continue :-).  I take personal checks, paypal and can now process payments via credit card with 'Square'. (If paying by Paypal please add 4%).  Invoices (with all payment info) are emailed to clients once the shipment has been made.

Returns/ Broken / Etc.

I make every effort to create a piece for you according to our plan and take great efforts to make the entire experience a satisfying one for every customer.  I will send you pictures of the piece before it is dry so that adjustment can be made.  Once you have OK'd the piece in its almost dry state, the sculpture can't be changed - and as noted earlier, the sculptures are never an exact replica of your efforts are always focused on capturing the likeness and personality.

If a piece breaks in transit, I will replace it.

If you are unhappy with the piece, please let me know and I will make efforts to fix the problem, but as a rule, custom items are not returnable.  (Luckily, I have never had a piece returned to me because a client was not happy.)  I LOVE my clients!!  

My work is breakable- its made of ceramics - so you do need to be careful handling it, however, each piece is made to be handled and all elements are affixed either with glaze or epoxy glue.  Treat Jars are made to be used daily and all glazes are food safe (I recommend handwashing always just because...).


If you have any questions about any of the above, please contact me at 






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