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TESTIMONIALS- more coming soon

Ned G. ... Ohio

Custom Dog Sculpture Urn for Winslow

“I arrived home from Europe this week to find Winslow's urn on our mantel.  It's a lovely piece and tribute to him.  Thank you so much for your patience and for putting your talent to this use……

Winslow’s passing is still emotional for us, and your attitude and artistry have been incredibly helpful.  We will absolutely recommend you to anyone going through this. “ 

Sculpture of Winslow in Ned and Terri's home on their mantel.  This sculpture is hollow and was created to hold Winslow's ashes.  Created in porcelain, painted with underglaze, stains and oil paint finishes.  About 15" long.

Linda T... Perth, Australia

Custom Siberian Husky Dog Urn for Raiden

"Thank you again Felice, from the bottom of our hearts.  

You have such a talent.  Keep up the wonderful work!"

Linda and Jackson ordered this very unique urn for their sweet Raiden all the way from Perth, Australia, capturing Raiden's gorgeous blue eyes and his love of apples, cheese, the outdoors and of course his favourite bone! 

Melissa M. .... Clinton, Mississippi

Custom Boxer Urn for Brobear

" The urn arrived safely and I am in LOVE!  Thank you so very much!.......

Again thank you so much for making this for our Brobear.  It is absolutely perfect!"

Melissa and her family wanted something regal to display Brobear's strong and protective presence along with their appreciation for the swirls and twists of metal being in the wrought iron design business.    

Lisa F. .... Chicago, IL

Custom Golden Retreiver Urn for Maddie

"Hi Felice!  So I was travelling and arrived home last night to my beautiful urn!!  My goodness, I really love it! The mouth on her face and position of her head just brings me right back to my sweet girl.  

I can't thank you enough!!!  She was so special to me and now I just need to figure out where to keep this lovely treasure. 

You're so talented and I feel so grateful that I stumbled on your website while searching for keepsakes."e


I created two custom dog keepsakes pieces for Linda.... one to be used as an urn and another as a special keepsake.  Maddie loved the outdoor, looking out her picture window and walking with Lisa in the spring with  the tulips. 

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