Handmade Ceramic Custom Pet Urns and Personalized Pet Keepsakes


Pawsterity specializes in creating unique, handmade pet keepsakes and custom pet urns, with a sculpture capturing the likeness and personality of your pet.  Every keepsake and urn is made with love and care.  Each creation is entirely hand-crafted, and designed to become a happy and cherished tribute to your beloved pet.  

Please check out our website and if you have any questions, please contact felice@eldoop.com

Created by Felice Fleisher  .   Artist and Owner of Pawsterity Urns

(a division of Eldoop Design)  Eldoop.com

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Goldendoodle sculpture urn.Winslow

Handmade custom ceramic sculpture urn for goldendoodle Winslow. This sculpture is hollow (to hold ashes) and was created to be displayed as a loving reminder of a beloved family companion.